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Bita Corporation established 1984 as A Wholesaler Distributor and exporter of fabrics. Located in the center of well known fashion district Los Angeles California. Bita Corporation is the one of main wholesaler and distributor in the area. Since then we have been able to work and build our business relationship with numerous garment manufacturing companies.

In USA and MEXICA. Our supplier has been carefully chosen form reputable textile bases around the globe.
We have been importing both woven and knitting fabric and range form natural fabric like cotton to synthetic like plasterers. we also import and export all type of mixed textile such as ploy/cotton ploy/rayon Teetotal/rayon’s to wool to name a few.

Price need to be competitive and we always go to the extra mile to provide our customer with the lowest available price without compromising the quality.

We have color cards and hanger samples that we have gladly offer our clients free of charge.

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David Simanian

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730 E. 9th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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